Our Expertise

Study Visas

We provide the expertise and knowledge to increase your chances of success for any study visa to Canada. Take advantage of our education consultancy service, if you need help finding the right course and institution for you future.

Permanent Residency

Let us assist you to achieve Permanent Residency in Canada. We have experience dealing with Economic Class Express Entry, Experience Class, Provincial Nominee or Temporary Visa to Permanent Residency pathways.

Start-Up Visas for Entrepreneurs

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit or great idea? The start-up visa requires only $200,000 of funds, which do not need to be immediately invested. We can connect you to the best Incubator, Venture Capital and Angel Investor funds for your path to Permanent Residency in Canada.

Work Permits & TRV (Visit) Visas

We can help you with your Canadian citizenship application for those who are eligible by Birth, Descent, Adoption and Permanent Residency. Requirements are constantly changing and we can help navigate through the optimal path for your Canadian citizenship.


Not every application can be successful. We know the stress and difficulty an unsuccessful Canadian immigration application can bring. Let us help you through the process, so that you and your family can put your best case forward.

We can help you with any work permit requirements. If you need assistance with visit visas for yourself, friends or family, contact us immediately so the application can be made without delay. Processing times have increased recently, so let us help to ensure you put the best application forward.

Refugee & Asylum

At Aventure Law, we understand that refugees and asylum seekers are some of the most vulnerable members of society. Contact us today and we would be happy to discuss our special programs and rates for refugees and asylum seekers to Canada, including our pro bono program.

Provincial Programs

The PNP can be a great way for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and their families to obtain permanent residency in Canada, as it allows for a faster processing time and provides additional opportunities for those who do not meet the requirements of other federal immigration programs. Let us guide you through the process.

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